About Me and the Blog

About Me as a Blogger

I’m Lucas Magnus. Just a regular university student who decided that he should take his virtually nonexistent amount of free time into blogging about Japanese cartoons. Now, contrary to what it may seem, I’m no newbie when it comes to anime blogging. I started blogging way back in 2010 under a handle that I don’t use anymore.

The small amount of acclaim and quite a few friends and critics I got back then were nice and all, but pretending to have an unpleasant personality to sound professional was very taxing. This time, I want to start anew with a more lighthearted and friendly tone free from the pressure of role-playing.

About The Platinum Lily

The name comes from one in a series of visual novels that I love so much.

As this is mainly an anime blog, I will obviously be talking about anime and related media here often. However, please note that I am a big fan of lesbian romance, or yuri, in my anime and manga. As such there may be more yuri-oriented posts here than your average anime blog. Of course, my taste in anime will heavily influence the content you will be seeing here, so it would be best to adjust expectations accordingly.

Some Facts About Me

I’m currently twenty-one years old and taking an undergraduate degree course in Chemical Engineering. I am pretty easy to please when it comes to most things in life, and I live very frugally. Simple pleasures, like eating home-cooked meals and hanging out with friends and family during vacations is enough to keep me satisfied, but the two luxuries I do indulge in are anime and video games, especially JRPGs. I’m also a member of my university’s Japanese pop culture enthusiast organization.

As for anime and manga, I’m open to most genres, but I prefer lighthearted anime to serious ones, with a few exceptions, of course. Through my years of watching anime, I have found myself to not care much about production studios, staff and most other technicalities in my anime as long as it manages to entertain me.

Email: magnusthemagnate[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @fkeroge (I hardly use it anymore)


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