Sakura Trick Episode 4 – Power Balance

Sakura Trick 4-1

There are quite a bit of changes to how Sakura Trick is presented as of this episode. Some of these changes, from a technical point of view, can only be viewed as positive. For example, DEEN seems to have gotten enough money to significantly improve in-between animation, bar episode 1. Continue reading


Sakura Trick Episode 3 – Some Rants and Relevant Observations

Sakura Trick 3-1First of all, I have to apologize for being inactive for quite some time. Real life sucks away virtually all my free time. In fact, I have dropped every anime I’m watching except for Sakura Trick, Log Horizon, Chuu2Koi Ren and Saki. [1]. Continue reading

The Ridiculous Sakura Trick “Controversy”

Sakura Trick 1-e1I’ve seen in quite a few places (MAL, Facebook, Twitter) that there seems to be a heated argument regarding the anime adaptation of Sakura Trick. Detractors tend to argue that Sakura Trick is an anime intended to please a predominantly male crowd, and that lesbians are overly idealized in the context of the show. Heck, the heat is even worse outside of 4chan, where I expected most of the flak would come from. Continue reading

You Should Read “Shinozaki-san”

shinozaki1Shinozaki-san Ki wo OTAshika ni! (literally “Be Careful, You Might Become an Otaku, Shinozaki!”) is a manga by Shou Hikawa (better known as Saku Saku Tei in doujin circles) running in the magazine Comic Meteor. It tells the story of the titular character Akina Shinozaki as she struggles to get her cute otaku friend, Kaede Sasamura, out of her “unproductive” hobby. The catch is that Akina’s plan to get Kaede out of her obsession involves getting into the otaku culture herself, leading to a massive culture shock on Akina’s part. As Akina explores the unique world of otaku subculture, she finds herself slowly getting more and more obsessed with getting on Kaede’s good side rather than setting her on “the proper path.” Continue reading

The Significance of “Sakura Trick!” for Yuri Fans

sakura trickChances are that if you’re a fan of girls’ love in your anime and manga, you might just come across this little gem called Sakura Trick!. The anime adaptation will start airing in just a few days, too. But I’m not here to promote it in a traditional sense— I’ve done enough of that already even before I started this blog. Instead, I’ll talk about how important Sakura Trick! is to me and every other yuri fan out there, regardless of whether you like the manga or not.

Continue reading